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The Coronavirus and popular ignorance

coronavirus china

I’ve become angry with the issue of the coronavirus and people’s ignorance of the Chinese, especially after reading several comments on Twitter. It’s that clear.

You all know what Fake News is, so first of all I want to clarify that it is still not officially known how this mutation of the coronavirus disease originated in the city of Wuhan, China.

Therefore, do not believe anything that is said in the media, especially on social networks. Just believe the official government sources, such as this link made available to the Ministry of Health of US on the coronavirus.

How ignorant people are

As we have already mentioned, although it is not yet clear how the new virus originated, it seems that there are thousands of experts on Twitter.

Some say it originated from eating bats, others from dog meat, rats, barnacles, sea cucumbers, insects, scorpions…

coronavirus chinese racism
Racism towards the Chinese is not new, but the coronavirus has reactivated it.

If you’re going to make things up, I’ll give you my opinion too; “that’s what you get for feeding on chinese dragons“. Surreal, isn’t it?

This is what happens when there is a huge ignorance of not knowing a millenary culture like the chinese, together with the hatred for eating animals that we don’t eat (as if cows, pigs and chickens didn’t feel pain or couldn’t have diseases).

Pure Racism

But what saddens me most, is reading comments from hateful and ignorant people saying that the chinese deserve to die, that they deserve what is happening to them.

I’m not going to put the tweets here, but you only have to search on Twitter or Facebook for two words: “Chinese coronavirus“. If you do, you’ll find real pearls of people who look like time travelers from the Dark Ages.

A big hug to all the Chinese who have to endure all this!

PS: Sorry for my manners, but the ignorant racists on Twitter have made me very angry today.